Dear Friends,

2013 has been an amazing year for us here at Ujamaa-Africa/No Means No Kenya (NMNK). Our “5 Innovations” program has taken bold strides forward in every department and we are poised to make additional strides forward in 2014.

Our unique economic empowerment model for orphan care-takers has changed the lives of thousands of children and their adopted families. Our older OVC’s model for apprenticeships has proven itself cost effective and life changing for the youth involved in the program.

NMNK trained over 25,000 high school and upper primary children in girl’s empowerment – defense and boy’s transformation. We proved that teaching empowerment–defense could dramatically decrease the incidence of rape in a study involving over 1500 girls. This ground breaking study was published in the international journal, “Pediatrics” in April 2013 See the research page on our website for more details.

But most exciting is our local recruitment model that has enabled our staff to grow by 100% up to 115, with our staffing costs increasing only 24%. For our latest recruitment effort we received over 1,800 resumes. We ultimately selected only the 2 most qualified candidates through the use of our unique and rigorous assessment tools.

In 2014 we plan to double our microloan program and expand into a loan and support project that specifically benefits women who are victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) . Our NMNK team has added 45 new young men as we complete the last stages of writing an innovative boys curriculum, called “Your Moment of Truth” which aims to prevent violence against women in the high rape areas where we work. This year we will teach over 45,000 Primary and Secondary School girls and boys our 12 hour curriculum and will work in partnership with Stanford, Harvard and 2 major Kenyan Universities to publish our findings as we formally evaluate this important work.

We are helping scores of older orphans find meaningful employ- ment, hundreds of orphan guardians feed their families, thousands of women exercise their reproductive rights and enabling thousands of vulnerable girls to fight off rapists and seize control of their own destinies.

Thank you for your loyalty and support. Please continue to partner with us as we grow stronger each year.

The entire Ujamaa-Africa/No Means No Kenya