No Means No Worldwide (NMNW) is a comprehensive rape prevention organization for women, boys and girls. It works to provide simple high impact Self Defense training to as many women and children as possible countrywide.

NMN’s vision is to mainstream Self Defense and end fallacies and myths surrounding a woman or child’s ability to stop an assault. We believe that the best response to the epidemic of sexual assault is to provide our male and female students with awareness of the causes and effects of sexual and gender based violence, and also provide skills to intervene and prevent the sexual assault.

We are school based program that uses the IMpower system of violence prevention training. We carry out teaching in six weeks cycle, three times per school yearly.and in the past year we have managed to reach out to 16000 students.

At Ujamaa-Pamodzi Africa, we believe in measuring the impact of our interventions through research. We monitor and evaluate our projects to ensure that they are effective to the communities we operate in and currently the following studies are underway;


  1. Sexual Assault study
  2. Boys Transformation study i.e
    • Your Moment of Truth (YMOT) Study
    • Sources of Strength (SOS) Study
  3. Sexual Assault Survivors (SASA) Study
  4. Early marriage related school dropout study
  5. Pregnancy related school dropout study

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